Friday, September 20, 2013

Lace Tie Ballet Flats & The Sewing Rabbit Feature

Every little girl should have a perfect pair of ballet shoes, and I wanted our foster baby B to have some, too.
These came in a pile of hand-me-downs for her from a friend, but they had no ties. It was such an easy DIY that made them so sweet on her little toes by simply using some lace.
B walks on her toes a lot, and reminds me of a little ballerina! I danced all my life and my mom owns her own studio! When my mom saw my photos, she commented that she doesn't know the magic that can come from those shoes, but she was mighty enthralled by their presence!
 Oh, and maybe your noticed the rather outrageous fur legwarmer jeggings that she's wearing, also giving off that fun ballet vibe?
Yes, those... well, they are at The Sewing Rabbit today being featured in the Sewing Rabbit Fall Collection 2013! They are legwarmers that actually stay UP, because I sewed them to her pants! Go check it out! It's pretty fun looking at all the amazing tutorials to get us ready for Fall this year!
I had so much fun working on this project, collaborating with all the other amazing designers from the team!

But the best part is that YOU can be featured on The Sewing Rabbit just by simply hashtagging (is that a word!?) what you are sewing this Fall! 

See you there!