Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ruffle Play DIY Kitchen Curtain

I can't claim the beauty of this little DIY kitchen! Isn't it SOOO cute!? My brother-in-law and Sister-in-law spent the hours doing this DIY makeover from an ugly brown TV cabinet to totally adorbs DIY play kitchen to give to Naomi, my niece for her 3rd birthday!

They asked me to make the ruffley kitchen sink curtain shown!

I used a lot of fun fabrics already in my stash and sewed some ribbon and lots of lace along the way. Of course, when we hung it up, I realized that it was slightly "off", but that was because I was also using some real kitchen valance fabric from some valances and they had a wavy edge. It's always a bit challenging sewing an item, in which you can't try it out until it's "too late", but no matter... it's adorable and they love it and Naomi LOVED it! So, I will live with my "you should have traced really straight lines and NOT just winged it" attitude myself!

I also managed to sew together a little dish towel, which I monogrammed saying "Naomi's Kitchen" and added a lace hook so it could hang from this pretty dish towel hook, my SIL found.

I also sewed Naomi a little apron to match her kitchen. Shown below with the blurry iphone pic! Getting this excited little girl to stand still and smile... yeah... it wasn't happening at her "happenin' birthday!"
She (and all the other children) adored this little diy play kitchen! It's SO precious, just like my niece!

 Happy Birthday sweet Naomi! Your little play kitchen is beautiful, just like you!