Saturday, November 9, 2013

B's Amaryllis Dress - Winter Pattern Anthology - Lace Ruffle Scarf Tutorial

Good Morning! This post is going to be slightly jam packed, as I have not only the photos showing off the beautiful Pattern Anthology Amaryllis Dress Pattern, but also the tutorial for the Lace Ruffle Scarf pictured above!

Melissa from Blank Slate Patterns designed this beautiful dress pattern I am about to show off more, and as always she outdoes herself with perfection. It's part of the Winter Wonderland Pattern Collection! For a limited time you can purchase the entire pattern collection from this group of talented designers!
It is quite incredible!!! I really want to try the cape pattern by See Kate Sew next! And this set includes some pretty hott (with two T's!) boy designs, if I might say so myself!

The Amaryllis dress really is the perfect Holiday dress for this season! I love the flowy circle skirt and how it wraps to the front, the girlie bow, and the endless options to customize! I went with a more toned down look for Fall, but still dressy enough for those special days!
 My only struggle was with my own lack of dress making skills! Considering I've only had a little girl in my house for 3 months, making dresses is rather new to me! I had a rough, rough time with the narrow rolled hems on such a lightweight fabric choice as this mustard fabric (which I found at Salvation Army... no lie! I am definitely going to try to improve on this skill and learn it on my serger for next time!  I shouldn't be wanting to throw such a pretty dress out the window, because of hems!

This japanese nani iro gauze makes such a beautiful bodice and I paired it with some gold tarnished buttons that add to the whole aesthetic. Not shown is how the front bodice and skirt wraps in the back underneath the back bodice and buttons. I used the same gold button there instead of snaps.
My lining is a bright royal purple cotton and the sash I lined with white lace made from an old curtain! But, I know many of you just want to see the scarf tutorial and how I made that, so here we go!

The Lace Ruffle Scarf is VERY similar to my Ruffle Neck Cowl! Basically, I just added some lace down the center over the white fleece, and adjusted it to fit a baby, similar to the child version!

(Baby) Lace Ruffle Scarf Tutorial
You will need:
-fleece cut 5'' x at least 44'' (for 1 year old, you can make it longer and ruffle more for bigger children)
-lace cut 3'' x 44'' (same length as fleece)
-Button, and some stabilizer scraps (or some use tissue paper)
-Coordinating thread

Start by laying your lace out over your fleece and matching up the ends.
Sew a basting stitch right down the middle of both layers, leaving long thread tails at each end.
Pull your thread tails to gather your fabric. I usually do each side to the halfway point. Adjust your ruffles out to fit your child and tie off your thread tails and cut them off. I usually tie about 4 times.
About 6 inches from one end, I put a pin to mark where I will put a button. However, I find it best to try it on the child if possible and then pin the best button placement!
I then like to make a "stabilizer sandwich" with a folded layer of stabilizer underneath and then one on top when making my button holes, especially through these types of fabrics!
Make your button hole. Open it with your seam ripper!
Then, add your button where you pinned.
And there you have it! Your fleece lace ruffle scarf!
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