Saturday, December 28, 2013

Best Of Summer Kids Clothes for Caila Made

{This post originally appeared on Caila Made for her Best of Summer pattern series! Enjoy!}
Hi! I'm Vanessa and I blog at Designs By Sessa, my slice of blog "heaven" where I write about my love for Jesus and sewing! I'm so happy to be here today on Caila's blog! I love this sweet friend and am thankful for such a real life friend in her! But, today, we are talking patterns and in particular the BEST SUMMER KIDS PATTERNS!

I have a cute little boy and in the summer, he lives in tees of soft knit. My favorite go-to pattern is most definitely the Vintage V-neck by Blank Slate Patterns of Melly Sews! 
It's just such an easy shirt to sew up, especially with a serger and even more than that it is my favorite basic shirt block. I've done MANY projects with this one little pattern, but I have to tell you a little secret. I've never actually read the directions! I know, I know... how can I even be writing this review and I've never actually read the directions of the pattern!?!? 

Well, truth be told, Melissa sent me this pattern while it was still in the "works" of drafting and all she had was the pattern pieces to send me. How sweet is she?! Thankfully, this wasn't a complicated shirt to put together and having some decent sewing skills under my belt, it felt like a breeze to sew together and great to adapt! 

So, there you have it... this is my favorite boy pattern, which I have never read the instructions for. I think that just goes to show how easy and wonderful it really is! I believe this is a beginner level pattern and I truly believe that the instructions are most likely very amazing, because everything Melissa does is perfection!!!

Oh, and the cool thing is, it can be a GIRL'S pattern, too!
 Photos courtesy of Blank Slate Patterns

Now, let me show you just what I've done with this pattern and some of the things you can do with it!  First up, is using it to re-size a men's v-neck to a boy's v-neck! I've got a tutorial on this here.
Of course, it goes great with using a men's button down into these button waist baggies (shown above).

I used this same technique of downsizing an adult sweater to a boy size v-neck sweater with this James Dean inspired project. I personally think the length of the sleeves is great, but I gave some added room to roll back into cuffs and stretch out the use of this sweater!

And, as you will see, this is a complete trend for me of upcycling men's clothing to boy's clothing...It's usually cheap and fast! And I feel productive and resourceful! Ha! I turned a men's henley into a boy size henley for my son Cai!
I added a hood and hoodie pocket, as well, and created some cute matching baggies shorts, which there is a free pattern and tutorial for on DBS, if you are interested!

It also is a great pattern block for downsizing a men's sweater with a normal crew cut neckline to a boy sweater if you continue in my upcycling mood trend!
The above sweater used the Vintage V-neck sleeves and body block, matching up the shoulders and the neckline! If you aren't sure how to do this, you can see this tutorial!

And lastly, which most likely WILL NOT be the true last use of this pattern, is you can use it to make a cowboy vest! Ha!
I made this outfit for my son Cai for his 2nd Cowboy Themed Birthday Party! We had a blast and I had a blast making this outfit!
And photographing it! Let's be honest!
I really think this has been a great pattern for me to have in my pattern stash. Obviously, I've used it a ton and you can use it to make a variety of items, long sleeved and short sleeved, vests, upcycling v-necks, crew necks, or men's henley's, adding pockets or not, and Cai loves the comfort of knit! I love that I can whip these shirts out in under an hour, too!

So, here is the Vintage V-neck 5 ways!
I'm sure to be using it again this summer! I hope you enjoyed this little review and find yourself enjoying it, too!

Thanks so much, Caila, for having me today! I enjoyed seeing just how many times I can use one pattern! And thanks Melissa of Melly Sews for giving me this pattern! Head on over to Designs By Sessa to say HI! to me! I love making new friends!