Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fleece Flower Cardigan Tutorial

{This post originally appeared on The Sewing Rabbit! Enjoy!}
My little baby B needed some warm cardigans to boost us into winter! I'm here today to show you how to make a Fleece Flower Cardigan perfect for any little girl's wardrobe this Winter! This simple DIY is as easy as putting a shirt together. If you've done that, you can do this, too! If you haven't, let's try! I promise it's simple and fun!
Fleece is such an inexpensive, yet warm fabric that truly is easy to work with! It doesn't fray, which I love, has slight stretch, and is soft to touch. I had a ton in my stash that I knew was time to use up! It's amazing how just a simple cardigan with a flower on it, can really be something so cute on a little munchkin!

Grab your fleece! Ready?! Let's go!

Fleece Flower Cardigan

You will need:
-a basic bodice pattern in your child's size (from a long sleeve tee OR other shirt pattern OR a long sleeve tee you've traced to make your own pattern)

-fleece (.5 - 2 yards, depending how large of a child you have! I used .5 yard for a baby size 12 months)
-buttons (2 - 4)
-stabilizer scraps 

Fleece Flower Cardigan Construction

Start by adding 1.5'' to the center of your front bodice piece. Here I added 1''. It worked "okay", but I think a little more would be better.
Cut out 2 sleeve pieces, 2 front bodice pieces, and 1 back bodice piece.

Sew/Serge your shoulder pieces. Then, pin in your sleeve piece, and sew. If using a regular sewing machine, adjust to a longer stitch length of around 3.5. Lastly, match up your wrist to waist and sew/serge.
The reason this cardigan is so simple, is because it does not have any front facings. Next, you can either fold the center front bodice pieces over .5'', then again .5'' to hem (pink cardigan) OR you can forego this step and simply leave your cardigan with a raw edge closure (grey/coral cardigans).
 Note that you will have a seam down the front center if you hem.
Fold down the neckline .5''. Hem.
Fold down .5'' the wrist and bottom edge to hem.

Seriously... you are almost done! I told you that was fast! Next, decide where your buttons will be placed.
When adding your buttonholes, I like to...

To make a stabilizer sandwich, put two layers underneath and one on top. This will help your machine move the fabric through without getting caught. I choose the buttohole for stretch fabrics. It looks like a zig zag along the two long sides.

Now, to add the fleece flower!

Fleece Flower Construction

Making a quartered flower is probably one of the easiest flowers you can add to clothing.
Simply cut 6 circles of equal size. I used a covered button mold as my pattern. Fold one circle in half, then fold again into 4ths. Sew down the inner corner at the point back and forth to secure. Repeat for the next 4 circles, so that you have 5 altogether sewn into little quarters.
Lay out the remaining flat 6th circle. It will be your base. Add one quarter and sew to the center. Place another quarter next to it. I like to put the folded edges toward the center. Repeat on the other side, adding another quarter until you have 4 quarters altogether. Place the final quarter in the center. Open it up and sew directly down on the flower and onto the front of your cardigan. Fluff out all the quarters, and waaa-laaa! You've got yourself a flower added to your fleece cardigan!

Now, make several in various colors!
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