Monday, December 30, 2013

Fur Baby Jeggings

{This post originally appeared at The Sewing Rabbit! Enjoy!}

I'm so excited to share these baby fur jegging leg warmers! These jeggings combine the best of jean leggings AND add a stylish element with fur topped leg warmers! These fur jeggings have a no fuss built in leg warmer, perfect to slide under boots OR wear with ballet flats! 
I knew I had to work with fur for our Sewing Rabbit Fall Collection 2013! Combining everything into one "pant" really makes these the perfect go-to-slip on clothing item this Fall! I love ease with babies and I just couldn't help myself with going a little over the top with these fur leg warmers!

Fur Jegging Leg Warmers - You Need:

-a pair of capri jeggings in your child's size (I used some jean legging capris from The Children's Place, of course you could also make them yourself! I think making leggins is super easy, but I'm all about "easy" these days!)
-An old sweater or sweater fabric for the legging
-1/4 yard of fur

Fur Jegging Leg Warmers - How To:

1.Try on your jeggings on your child. 2. Mark above the knee. 3. Fold your fur and cut a piece the approximate size where you marked to the end of your jeggings. It needs to fit around your child's knee area. 4. Leave yourself 1/2'' seam allowance on all sides.
5. Repeat for the other leg. 6. Cut your sweater to create the leg warmers. Double your child's length from the knee to the ankle, so you have a ruche effect. I used the bottom of the sweater sleeves. 7. Open your fur strip. With right sides together stretch the top of your sweater leg warmer to your fur. Make sure the direction of your fur is going the right way (down). Sew & Zig Zag stich (at least 4.0) or Serge together. 8. Fold your fur lengthwise and serge from the top of your fur down to the ankle. It's okay if it goes a little wonky. You won't be able to tell later! 

9. Repeat for the other leg. You now have a fur topped leg warmer! 10. With right sides together, slide your leg warmer up pver your jegging. Wiggle it up to the line you marked above the knee. 11. Repeat. 12. Pin along the marked line. The very last step is to hand sew your fur to your jegging. Since I was working with a 9 month baby size, I could not get it on my machine. If you are sewing for an older child, feel free to sew it with your machine! Lastly,fold your fur and leg warmer down.

You now have some pretty fashionable little fur jegging leg warmers to dress up as you please!

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