Friday, December 27, 2013

One Skirt - 3 Styles

{This guest post originally appeared at The Sewing Rabbit! Enjoy!}

I love the opportunity to add to my closet, without always sewing it! Who doesn't love some shopping!? And not always for fabric! I was super excited that Shabby Apple offered to allow me to choose an item from their company to review and I had tons of fun styling it!
I chose the Hully Gully Skirt, due to it's cute polka dot fabric, high waist style, and let's be honest... that bow right in front had me at 'hello'!

I love taking one clothing item and trying to style it several different ways, don't you!? I look for pieces to add to my wardrobe that can be these basics for me, that I can layer, add to, simplify, enjoy on it's own. I knew this skirt would be that fun basic, I could enjoy always building off of it, changing it up for various occasions when needed!

One Skirt - Three Styles

Style 1
I paired a hot pink floral blouse with my new polka dot skirt, some killer hot pink heels, and as much flashy jewelry as I could manage. 
Mixing patterns is really a fun way to spruce up any outfit. And let's not forget the jewels.
It makes me feel stylish and bold at the same time.

Yet, I don't always feel quite this outgoing in my dressy outfits, and that often leads to something more like Style 2.
This time, I kept my top a simple v-neck, adding in one color - mustard yellow in the sweater, and playing with the black and white theme by adding some zebra wedges.
While I love dressing up for date nights, my job, and church; I spend most of my time as a busy mama. On those days when I just want to keep it simple, but cute, this skirt does the trick with a tucked in v-neck, sandals, and hot pink aviators.
I am MOST in my element in this style, where I can clearly be - Vanessa.
With a little bit of sass.
Along with my laid back attitude.

I'd like to give Shabby Apple a huge thanks for letting me have some fun in the Hully Gully! This skirt is comfy, a simple quilting cotton weight material that gives way to endless style. Highly recommended!
Also, I'd like to thank PhotosOfGrace Photography for capturing me in this skirt in all it's fun glory!
And if you are looking to combine styles, I put together a little inspiration for you...
polka dot style combo
I believe styling should be fun and reflect your personality completely, so let go and be you, and don't be afraid to play up those polka dots!