Friday, December 13, 2013

Traveling Cosmetic Bag DIY, plus my first digitized pattern!

If you are looking for cute cosmetic bag to make for a perfect gift this Christmas, you can find a full tutorial and my very first digitized pattern (huge thanks to Jess!) over at The Sewing Rabbit! 

I can't believe my time on the Sewing Rabbit Team has officially come to a close! As I went back and forth over what to make this month, I remembered an idea I saw from Mrs. Susan at Creative Sewing where I used to work! She made a cute bag that had all these ziploc baggies in them for your toiletries and I filed it away in my brain to try for my mom for Christmas! This is my version of her neat bag (she actually quilted hers...but you all know I am not a quilter!) Using a travel bag I use a lot as a pattern guide, I created this double zip version that I wanted to share with you all! It's so fun and truly is a neat idea! I hope you all love it and have fun making them for Christmas!

I believe the thrill of sewing is going from something like an idea or tracing something to the final product!

 And it was really exciting to me to see Jessica turn a very home-made traced pattern into my first digitized pattern to offer to you all for FREE! It definitely sparked the creative bug to learn more about pattern making again! You know... after pregnancy, that newborn phase, and having an infant and, oh, you know, 2 other children... yes... in all my spare time! HA!

Be sure to check it out here!