Monday, January 6, 2014

All That I Have Sewn - 2013

Looking back at all that I have sewn in 2013, I really feel like I had a great year making lots of fun things for our family! I started this blog as a means to remember what I have sewn and chronicle my progress! So now, I'd like to share my year in review, you know... before my little blog break! hahaha! I really did mean for this post to go out before the last one!

For Micaiah, I sewed less than last year. There is good reason. He's started to get pickier about what I make. I noticed a lot of times, I would make him something and he would NOT want to wear it, already at 3. See that cute striped sweater with the cute deer pocket... NOPE! The color blocked shorts? They were too "bulky". The belt... well, we did wear that some, but not as much as you would think, because he doesn't really need a belt. The cute deer hoodie? The zipper broke and I just haven't gotten around to fixing it. What in the world was I thinking with that last red chevron pants? NO idea. They are ridiculous and lame. NOT going to make him wear those! In fact, can we name that the weirdest item I have sewn to date, ever?! haha! 
 Plus, I got a girl to sew for! That was pretty exciting! I stretched my sewing skills to include sewing a few of B's first dresses.
I really enjoyed sewing for B! I also sewed a little for my niece, Naomi!

I always love some selfish sewing! In fact, I'd really like to fine tune my women's sewing this next year, so I know I will be making more once my body is back to "normal" to come!

 Then, there were the random items that I sewed that didn't fit into one particular category! 
 Bags, gifts, nursing covers (yet to write a tute for), shower curtains, and bracelets are among the random category!

 And a few DIY projects made the blog. My updated laundry/utility room, refinishing a table as a wedding gift for my brother and his wife, and adding some chalkboard fabric to our toddler table, which allows me to wipe it clean and creativity!
 In my head, I have several DIY projects on the 2014 list: repaint kitchen cabinets and kitchen (update hardware), possibly sprucing up our master bathroom, make some pillows for our bedroom.

But then again, I'm having a newborn in less than 11 weeks. I probably won't get anything "done". And that's okay. I think keeping a human alive counts for something!

All in all, I give God the ultimate glory for allowing me the skill to make all of these things for those I love. I love spending the time creating for my family and for others as gifts. I did a lot of embroidery projects this last year, but I don't tend to blog those since they aren't quite so "creative" as completely sewn outfits and such!

 I would love to fine tune my sewing and amp up DIY projects in the house this next year! I guess you could say those are my "resolutions". Just don't hold me to any of that! hahaha!