Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Master Bath DIY

So, one thing I would like to challenge myself to do is start blogging a little more. I miss the writing and the sharing aspect of it, the creative outlet for myself. Not necessarily most of the other things that come along with the blog world though!  But I do miss writing here to an extent and not just sharing pretty things, but my heart!

I've been loving breathing new life into our home lately where and when I can! I just feel like loving my home is a way that I can show the beauty of God in my every day! We are on a tight budget, but a can of paint and a new accessory can add a lot to changing up a boring space! Our master bathroom is a double sink 2 piece bath! It's strange that there is no shower or tub in the master, but this is the type of thing a new home buyer overlooks when purchasing their first home! I sewed some simple curtains from a navy and white striped full sheet! Super inexpensive and easy when hung with clips.
Here is the BEFORE! I have NO idea why I painted this bathroom yellow when we moved in, with that vintage-y pale yellow tile! It was just WAY too yellow!!! I think I just didn't have a clear vision for how to work with that pale yellow tile, so I just did YELLOW EVERYWHERE! Bad idea!
And some progress (above). Then, after some white paint!
The curtain really marries the whole thing! We have navy blue counters in here, so it all works now versus screaming! Weird blue counters! Yellow walls everywhere!
The easy thing about just hanging up a full sheet cut right down the middle (and hemmed), is you get a nice puddle! I really like how it makes it feel so elegant.

We plan to upgrade the sink faucets to a bronze to match the light fixtures and the knobs on the cabinets soon. I think maybe adding some molding to the mirror would be cool, too, eventually!
Overall, for trying to work with what I have and being content with it, I love how this little space now works and makes me happy! 
The towels and the fun mirror above the toilet are from Home Goods. I think I spent a total of like $40 for the mirror and towels. I already had the white paint and the random striped sheet, now curtains!
Anyways! Just wanted to share how going white in here totally changed the space! Hmm... what else can I paint white!?!