Sunday, April 26, 2015

Comfy White Linen Pants for mwa...

Okay, so I can feel my sewing "mojo" coming back everyone! I sat down yesterday at two different times and loved sewing up some items for myself and the boys. Taking a needed break from blogging and sewing and writing has been good for my soul. Turning inward to my family and home and enjoying time away was amazing and I will continue to keep things balanced now and avoid the time suck blogging can be! But I've recognized I do love the outlet of writing for my creative soul and God made me a documenter/recorder of life moments. Like, you know, plain white linen pants made from a tablecloth.
It's really hard to photograph white, but this linen tablecloth had this awesome sweet detail along the bottom edge and I knew it would make a great skirt or pants.

These could totally be maternity pants, but no I am NOT pregnant, even though some of the side angles totally show my mom pooch. I made the top fold over like a maxi skirt with a heathered knit, that looks like I am wearing a tank top... nope... just super comfy pants.
 I'm pretty excited to get to the beach this summer, so these will be perfect for our beachy days coming soon!

Thanks for letting me share! Hope you are all doing well and have a great rest of your weekend!