Monday, May 4, 2015

Updated Master Bath Sinks

I recently posted how I updated our master bath, but we had to wait to update the sink faucets! Exciting news! We figured out how to install our master bathroom faucets. Well, almost. We did have our handy man follow up after us, just to make sure our amauter job was truly free of all leaks and to confirm that we did install them correctly! Phew! or Pee-ew! One of those. Actually we did pretty well and learned that old supply lines will leak and you just have to replace them after that initial seal is broken. Good to know! Even though it took us most of a Saturday and some, or maybe a lot of marital frustration when it wasn't as easy as the you tube suggested! ! And believe me when I tell you, I now know you do NOT want to take on plumbing jobs if you can help it. It truly is a stinky job... even master bath sinks!
We used these K&B Distributers, Inc 4'' center set faucets. For $48 each they are so nice and pretty and perfect to give that cottage, vintage, yet eclectic vibe I wanted in there. They fit our budget and included the pop up drain assembly! Yes!
 Funny how just changing out from silver plastic knob fixtures makes it immediately more classy! Here's before!
And after:
 And the total look from my bed... I just love it! Amazing how these little changes can make you delight in your home so much! Those curtains right there... sewn up from a full bed sheet. Love it!
And because I apparently cannot just take bathroom photos without being a complete goofball!

You're welcome for that! Hahaha! Hope yall are all having an awesome day!