Why I DO this Sewing Thing!

The number one reason why I blog is to help those around me! What I do NOT want to be is a blogger that has some specific formula for blogging and doing tutorials just to be named awesome. I know that the reason why I blog & create isn't for myself or even YOU, sweet reader! It is to make Jesus known and to let the love of Christ be shown to those that are really in need! Mainly it has been through families adopting a child, but as time goes on, I hope to support and raise awareness for other Christian ministries, as well!

Meet our sweet DBS Families (and help them out if you can!)

November 2011: Adopting a baby girl domestically in the U.S. They have had their 1st home study and it went GREAT! The next steps: a second home visit where their social worker will review their typed home study with them, then a meeting with the director of their agency.  After that they'll be "Paper Pregnant!" and waiting for their baby girl to come home! To help them fund raise, learn more about getting your picture taken with Ruthie B Photography!

November 2011: The Carroll's are adopting siblings from Ethiopia and are currently stuck in paperwork and will be having their home study in the near future! Please pray for them that their process will be quick, accurate, and that they will trust in the Lord every step of the way! Pray for them financially, as well, to have all the funds necessary to bring 2 sweet children home!

November 2011: They have a son!! His name is Isaac and the picture above tells all! Please continue to pray for their family and that all their paperwork would be finalized in this next year! Praise God for his blessing to their family!

October 2011: Israel has been officially adopted, is home and the Gerlachs are loving their life as a family of 4 and feel so blessed! Continue praying for them as they adjust as a family! Praise God with us for how he has given this orphan a family that loves him!