The Porch

 "The Porch" was inspired by my sweet Grandmother, Allie McCune. It is a way of remembering her and her "craftiness" and also a way to get to know other fun bloggers at the same time. You may read the complete story of how "The Porch" started here. Please find below the awesome guest posters that "have stopped by" to share from their hearts and occasional crafts here at Designs By Sessa! Click on the links below the pictures to read each post.

Here is the 2013 guest post line up for the year! Scroll to the bottom to see other recent porch posts!

"Coming Undone" by Danielle from This Life I Live
When Vanessa asked me to do this, I let her know that there was not a crafty bone in my body. She was gracious to still want me to share something, so I went to the obvious subject tucked down deep in my repertoire, adoption! While I think that there is so much to say about adoption, I felt God leading me somewhere else! I thought about sitting on the porch with friends, chatting it up, and I realized there were some other more pressing things I would want to talk about. So..... (Read More)

"The Dining Room" by Anne from Hello Newman's
Hi, there! I'm Anne from Hello Newman's. Happy to be hanging out on "The Porch" today with my super talented and sweet friend Vanessa. I thought I would share a a few projects we have worked on over the past year in our dining room. We started with what I like to call a "blank canvas." I think that is a nice way of saying it desperately needed help... (Read More)
"A Peter Rabbit Picnic" by Erin from My Suburban Utopia
Hey, y'all! My name is Erin, and Vanessa was SO sweet to ask me to stop by and chat today. Since becoming a mommy 18 months ago, my blog has pretty much gone the way most blogs's all about the baby! Pictures of the baby, feeding the baby, losing the baby weight, planning parties for the get the idea!... (Read More)
"Meet Sarah" by Sarah from Compulsive Craftiness
This weekend, I've been doing a lot of sewing. Four dresses so far! They're all summer dresses for my daughter. Even though the groundhog saw his shadow last week, it was warm enough here in Kentucky for my daughter to wear one of the short sleeved dresses with boots yesterday. ... (Read More)
"Meet Rachael" by Rachael from Imagine Gnats
when i was thinking about writing this post, Vanessa asked me, "what would you talk about if you were actually sitting on my porch in real life?" maybe it's because i've been so busy with so many things lately and haven't taken a lot of time to just sit and chat with friends, but my first thought was, "i'd talk your ear off!" you've been warned ;) and i'd probably want to show you some of my favorite recent photos of my girlies, so i'll throw in a few of those too!... (Read More)
"Meet Carla" by Carla from Small & Friendly
Hi! I’m Carla and I blog about adventures in modern homemaking at Small & Friendly. I'm super excited to be hanging on the Porch with Vanessa. I thought today I could chat about my favorite material to use in craft projects: junk. Yep, upcycling is my very favorite way to craft. It’s thrifty, encourages creativity, and is good for the earth. Everyone wins! I thought I’d share a few of my favorite upcycled projects in the hopes that you’ll look at your trash as treasure.... (Read More)
"Meet Stephanie" by Stephanie from Just A Vapor
Hi ya’ll! Thanks for stopping by V’s porch! I am one of Vanessa’s real life BFs, and had the sweet privilege of being roommates with V during college while we attended the University of South Carolina (Go cocks!). Now-a-days, V and I live states apart. Even though we are separated by miles and miles, the Lord has been so gracious to bond us together in a sisterhood and is rooted in Him! It doesn’t matter where we are or how much time has passed, we can always sit on our porches for a chat and walk away feeling like we are as close as ever. I am truly thankful for this kind of friendship.... (Read More)