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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Your Invited to a Ladies Craft Making Party!!! Please Come!

My church, Columbia Crossroads Downtown, has graciously offered to allow me to host a fun ladies night where we will come together to support a great cause! We will be making bracelets and zippered pouches for She's Worth It!, a campaign that helps raise money to stop human trafficking in children and women around the world.

I wanted to do more than just donate $10+ towards this amazing cause myself. I want to come together with you and DO SOMETHING that I know will tangibly encourage woman and young girls that have experienced more than I can ever know.
Will you come hang out and make some bracelets or zippered pouches (if you sew)? I will be doing a demo on how to easily make a zippered pouch, as well as, some bracelets! You can bring whatever craft supplies you have and your simple bracelet ideas, and hang out for a fun filled night where you will make a difference!

Please tell your friends about this event! It's going to be a lot of fun and I'd love for it to be successful!

You Can Bring:

1)Your Craft supplies (I will have some, too)
2) Any/all easy/fun bracelet ideas you have (You don't need to be a jewelry guru to come! Email me if you need some ideas!)
3) *Suggested minimum $10 donation (if you feel led!) This is not required to come, so don't feel like you must donate to come. It will be a FREE event, but obviously any money raised will be donated to She's Worth It! to help in their funds to stop human trafficking. It's amazing what your $10 could do.
4) a sewing machine/extra extension cord if you sew & plan on doing zippered pouches

That's it! Please RSVP to me! Vanessa {at} DesignsBySessa {dot} com Put *RSVP She's Worth It! in the subject line.


Columbia Crossroads Downtown
1215 Calhoun Street
Columbia, SC
6:30 - 9 pm
March 23rd, 2013

I hope you will join me! I can't wait!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fabric Covered Bracelet Tutorial

The list is growing of people raising money for the She's Worth it! Campaign and this week we are inspiring you guys out there to make bracelets and zipper pouches. If you have questions about why we are doing this, please visit Andrea's page here.

I know this knot fabric covered bracelet isn't a new idea. In fact, this was the first item that I saw somewhere and thought to myself, "Hey! I can figure out how to make these on my own!" And I did. And I was proud and loved them and made them as necklaces for whoever wanted them in tons of different colors. The fact that I never did a blog post is kind of funny to me, but I didn't.

This is the first time I made them as bracelets, so there's room for improvement, but I will do the best I can in breaking it down for you, so you can make them and send them to Andrea to give them out for this cause, too! 

Here are some supplies you need in addition to fabric! 

5 wooden beads
2 -14inch ribbons
Strip of fabric 3.5 inches x 23inches
large safety pin

Cut your fabric. Fold your fabric in half and sew down one side.
Pin a large safety pin to one end and turn your fabric right side out. Or you can use a Fast Turn if you have one.

Tie a knot in the center.
Insert one bead and tie again.
Insert 3 more beads tying knots in between. For the final beads, follow these directions.
Put a piece of tape to one end of the ribbon to the wooden bead. Cut your ribbon at an angle and run some fire right over the end to prevent fraying. Be careful not to catch anything on fire!
Slip your bead inside and tie your last knot.
Now be careful to trim this tail down to about one inch. Fold under the raw edges.

Sew this down over the ribbon. Backstitching at the ends.
Repeat on the other side.

And you're done!
If you want just a knot, then only cut your ribbon about 10inches. I would have preferred a big pretty bow, but this is pretty cute in just a knot, too! As I said, I was working out the "bracelet" version kinks!

Let me know if you make one! You can post it to the DBS Flickr pool! I'd love to see them!

Donate $10 today to She's Worth it! to help women and children who have come out of Human Trafficking! You will make a difference by dontating just $10! You can find my donate button on the side bar. All the money (besides credit card fees) goes to this specific campaign! You can read all about it at She's Worth it! 

Go team MAKE for She's Worth it!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Will you MAKE because She's Worth it?

In my blogging, my mind is constantly thinking about what I am doing, how I am doing it, and if I am bringing God glory. I knew at the beginning of my "blogging for real journey" that this blog wasn't about me and my family and what I'm making alone, because we are all part of bigger things around us. I try to be mindful of God's work on this Earth and how he's using little me in the midst of it. I am nothing, but He is everything.

I've tried helping families adopt, something I am passionate for and in the middle of myself, and to which I have been able to donate some DBS money towards, but since I don't have time to just make stuff on my own to sell or run an online store, it can get stagnant fast on this front. And there's only so much PR blogging I can do asking others to help.

I had just been praying about if I really was doing all I could for the Lord and asked him if there was anything else he wanted me to do with this tiny spec of a blog in the BlogLand. Was I making a difference?

And He answered me. 

I am asking each and every one of my friends to come together and help me make a big impact across the globe to fight HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING with me. There are 27 million slaves that exist today.

500,000 children between the ages of 5 and 15 are forced into the sex slave trade each year 
Image Source

This is a big issue, but something we can fight if we come together. For this campaign, we have focused on the girls and women trapped in sexual slavery / sex trafficking / forced prostitution, though we strongly support the rescue and freedom of young boys, men and entire families from every sort of slavery!

I'm absolutely crazy in love with the She's Worth It! campaign and I really need your help if I am going to raise $10,000 along with some of my other blog friends in this effort!

Will you MAKE because She's Worth It? 
I'm part of a team that has chosen worthy organizations to support and we are going to make a difference to God's glory!

We're going to MAKE gifts to deliver to women and girls who are rehabilitating from this forced sexual slavery. Bracelets that let them know they are loved. Zipper pouches to show them someone cares.

{I'm going to be organizing the event locally! Details to come on this soon!}

Will you make a bracelet or a pouch for a girl in Thailand, India, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Amsterdam or even the United States? We'll be distributing them through many organizations that work directly with women and girls fresh out of the sex trade in desperate need of love and the healing only Jesus can give.

Meet the group of bloggers I'm working with:  

Andrea from The Train to Crazy
Bev from Flamingo Toes
Jess from Me Sew Crazy 

Do you want to help? 

We will be making these bracelets and pouches and doing tutorials on them in the coming week. Will you come together with your friends and make some bracelets or zippered pouch, too?

Along with the bracelets and zipper pouches, we're also asking that you donate $10. Just $10. Your $10 will be helping fund two projects we fully believe in. (If you can't donate, we'd still love for you to make something!)
  1. Father's House: a safe house for children in Cambodia who are at risk for being trafficked. This home is run by In His Steps International. You can read more about it here.
  2. The Sewing Project: we'll be raising money for a group of mothers in an Indian village who have been freed from the sex industry and are learning sewing as a trade! The funds will also help hire a social worker to help them with rehabilitation. This project is run by Indian Rescue Mission.

Ready to help? Use YOUR talents!

If you are a BLOGGER and want to join us, please send Andrea an email at thetraintocrazy (at) gmail (dot) com. She'll make sure you have all the information you need and her address to mail your bracelets and zipper pouches! She'll be attaching a little note letting the recipient know they are loved before they are sent out. She'll also be updating her blog and photographing everything that comes in! With each new blogger that joins and each new tutorial She'll add a link to this page.

If you are a local friend and interested in getting together with me and making these crafts or have ideas and want to partner with me in helping us raise $10,000, then you can email me at Vanessa {at} DesignsBySessa {dot} com.

You will find the donate button in my side bar and at the on this post. The donations are tax deductable and it ALL goes to the organizations that have been vetted and chosen (minus credit card fees). You can read the details here

Online fundraising for Team MAKE raising money for She's Worth It!

{I'd personally like to thank, Andrea, for coming to me about this campaign and getting me excited about it! She made most of these graphics in this post and I'm finding out just what a wonderful person she really is! She came to me right as I had been praying through these things and got so excited to see how God works and answers prayer. I just had to share, so you could be excited too! Jump in with saying YES! to helping!}